How to convert your legal archives to legal knowledge with no effort?

July 15, 2016

Does your law firm keep digital records of all its legal transactions? Have the associates, lawyers or pupils in your firm been comfortable in updating and maintaining this continuous build-up of data? The important question now remains, how well has the staff in your firm been able to exploit this captured information and use it in daily legal activity?

Accumulation of information-capturing technologies in modern society is immense. The result has been piles of records and digital files that can almost become a scary monster to an organisation. Law firms can attest to this. With an ever increasing number of data entries, law firms can get overwhelmed.

Amongst the troubles caused by unstructured digital files is the increased cost of storage of these case files, reports, emails etc. Lawyers might not be able to find exactly what they need, or if they do, they won’t find enough to build a proper footing for when they need to, for instance, build a defence. The result is low productivity of the firm because of the huge time losses in sorting or ‘organising’ information. Time is surely money, and the precious difference between a winning and losing side of a case.

Legal Archives

But not to despair, there is always a way out, or in, depending on how you look at it. With Juritool™, the problem of skimpy information and time wastage is eliminated. The online tool is especially strong in organising ALL your legal documents in a manner that’s easier for you to chew (or understand). It packs a number of analytics features to help you make sense of your case.

Let’s break them down:

Legal library in a click

With a simple click, you will upload all your firm’s files on to the website’s database. Juritool™ immediately reacts to sort and organize all these files into various legal categories. From this library of enriched information, much like a desk drawer, you can focus on the areas of particular relevance to your case. This is a more adaptable form of taxonomy!

Juritool™ keeps you organised from its library to its search prowess. With any search, thanks to the engineered search algorithms, you will be able to filter results by jurisdiction, document source and categories these documents fall in. In this way, all documents turn to rich resources of insight for your research.

Document Analysis

Case DNA™

So you have a case you would like to research on? Just key it in the search tool, sit back and let Juritool™ take over. The nifty feature, Case DNA™, is able to extract information and assemble legal facts about this case in split seconds. You will be able to see and visualize the similarity of your case to others on not just your database, but across case law files of the US Supreme Court, Circuit Courts and the Federal District. The search results go on to suggest similar cases handled in the past. Again with a click you can create a mind map of the case and generate reports on similarities and the various ways it was resolved. Therefore you’ll be able to get surgical analysis of a case even before you start working on it. A step ahead of the rest.

Legal MindMap

Case Analytics

Juritool™ doesn’t just produce fancy figures on a particular case, it makes exploitable knowledge. It empowers you, the lawyer, in saving you time as well as bring you crucial knowledge while approaching a case. The power of Juritool™ becomes real when it comes to Case Analytics. With any search on a case, you will be able to generate a content map so that you’re able to visualize it. With the Opinion Centrality tool, you will be able to see how closely the case relates to others that have been tackled in the past. The tool is able to filter for the land case law applicable as well as the opinions that can be cited.


We have seen how the modern world has become data rich but information poor. It is only with the right tools, chosen in the right way, that organisations and institutions can be able to maximize on the potential of increased productivity. Law firms in particular, have a rich background of case files and legal transactions that can be analysed and used as insight in pre-empting their everyday work.

Juritool™ is a promising companion specially moulded to suit the legal transactions of both new and established law firms. Not only does is help in superb data transformation into usable information, it will always keep you ahead of the game with its predictive tools. Less time. More knowledge.