Become the Law Firm of Tomorrow

July 25, 2016

Law business is facing a new cultural transformation. The ethics and dynamics of yesterday’s practice are being slowly eroded. Some of the key drivers of this change is technology. With the developments in numerous software and hardware systems tackling data collection, storage and usage, bookshelves are becoming less preferred. Tougher more tech-savvy lawyers are opting to develop their cases on their mobile devices on the go. Whether from a coffee shop, on a train, at the airport, case files, citations and other legal documents are becoming more digitally available.

Tough economic times have dealt a major blow to how law firms work. Escalating operating costs and an almost exponential increase in the number of law graduates annually has built extreme pressure on the available opportunities for budding lawyers. Firms are forced to be leaner and only work with minimum staffing.

There has been an increase in the number of appellate cases and decisions challenging a lot of the socio-politico pillars of many countries around the world. From women’s rights to bi-lateral trade deals to appeals for recognition of same-sex marriages, the law has surely been put to a boiling test.

Despite all the dynamics, the law firm of tomorrow must be able to defend and adapt to ensure the law correctly stands to give just treatment to all. Tomorrow’s law firm will have to be adaptable and not be dissolved from the market. It must not fear the tides of change, but must possess brave dynamism in approaching cases of all manner.

Big Data

One way of guaranteeing the nimbleness of tomorrow’s law firm is by the usage of appropriate internet resources. The resources must not only be able to capture a wide range of legal documentation, it must be able to interpret and produce exploitable knowledge. Juritool™ is one such resource. It uses computerized intelligence to give you more insight into your research as well as making more sense out of many documents, all at once.

For you to become tomorrow’s law firm, you need to use technologies that will provide you with the following features:

Access to vast database of usable knowledge

The law firm of tomorrow will need to have the ability to skim through huge banks of data in the form of case files, reports, performance data, emails etc. and filter out the relevant information that can be used in building research. From access to these varied forms of information one can be able to see a case from many angles be it religious, economic or political. One can then be able to have a clear grounding on how to approach cases and know which aspects to focus on.

Quick identification of underlying trends and patterns.

Technologies chosen by tomorrow’s law firm need to have data analytics at the heart of it all. With this powerful capability, the tools will automatically fetch trends and patterns in a case and between cases and reveal, for instance, repeated focus areas by a jury, or the decisional patterns of a judge or a long-term client. These are abstract features which would have otherwise, never been seen particularly by the less experienced practitioners.

Streamlined research for streamlined efficiency

Having the right research tools is key to cutting down on the resources expended on any project approach. These very tools should be able to filter through search results, organise them and pick out only the relevant bits to assist you. Not only are results displayed in textual form, they should also have the capability to produce visual representations in form of mind maps, pie charts, graphs et cetera. In the end, productivity will increase. One becomes more confident in the arguments and justifications made.

A big performance boost comes with a tool that is also able undertake risk analysis for you. For any given case or research one carries out, the right research tool will be able to thread different sources, draw patterns and make comparisons on the relative success of the case. It is then able to give you a probability of success and a risk factor for the different approaches to a case.


Juritool™ is your go-to software resource to realize the combination of all the above mentioned features. It is a great companion in walking with you towards being the law firm of tomorrow.

In the end, the success of your case will only favour one who has optimized most of the odds. The law firm of tomorrow will not just be fighting cases, but will be moulding the field of justice to its rhythm. It will constantly adapt to the legal terrain and represent its clients with the most current information.