Legal Knowledge Extraction

Create your legal library in a click, we’ll do the rest.

Organization is key in the legal world, but not all software helps organize documents in a way that is user-friendly. This is where Juritool™ comes in. With Juritool™, your documents can be uploaded, saved, and categorized in a quick and useful manner. You just upload your documents, we do the magic.

We automatically extract relevant information that help you categorize your data. We make summaries of the content so you know at a glance what it is about. You can then tag, highlight and annotate it, like it was on paper. You create your personal library you can source again and again.

Case DNA

Case DNA™: Many documents, one case

You have one case to focus on, but hundreds of documents connected to it. Unlike classic case management tools requiring huge efforts for organization, Case DNA™ enables you to automatically extract information, collect legal facts, visualize how they refers to your case, suggest similar cases, create a Mindmap of your case and generate reports.

Case DNA
Holistic view to legal data sources

Access all data at once

You will be able to search the Juritool™ database which covers all US Supreme Court, Circuit Courts and Federal Districts case law. But that’s not all: you can also search through thousands of legal websites, legal news, your uploaded documents, your e-mails, Dropbox©, Google Drive©, Microsoft OneDrive©, Evernote© files. All in one place.

You search it, we find it and make you understand: Juritool™ assigns legal categories and creates summaries of the documents you retrieve. Easy as a click.

Legal Analytics

Advanced Case Analytics

Visualization creates new information. Juritool™ provides you with cutting edge legal analytics tools producing visual maps of the content and enhancing your understanding of the case. With the Opinion Centrality tool, you will be able to see how your case connects to past cases, at a glance. You can identify the landmark case law and the opinions that can be cited.

With the Risk Analysis tool, you will be able to analyse the outcome of similar cases and predict your chance of winning, losing or reaching a settlement. Before you go to Court.

Legal Analytics
Precise Legal Search

Precise and Intelligent Search

With Juritool™ you will be able to search within the Juritool™ database, your documents and the internet. By selecting jurisdictions, document source and categories you can focus your research and make it faster. The intelligent search algorithm of Juritool™ tunes your search by applying artificial intelligence technology. You find exactly what you need.