Problems faced by law offices

July 23, 2016

Legal archives that are not exploitable

1. A backlog of cases
2. Disorganisation and loss of important cases files and documents
3. Lowers client satisfaction of your legal services

Importance of exploitable knowledge

Consider the measurable benefits that comes along with having and using exploitable knowledge. Possible outcomes might be as follows:

1. Improvement in the legal services you offer and the methods that you use to provide them. For example, identifying market/legal trends before they occur gets you a step ahead than your current competitors.
2. Increases customer satisfaction because you have a greater understanding of their requirements through feedback communicating with your customers.
3. An increase in the quality of your suppliers, resulting from better awareness of what customers want and what your staff require.
4. Staff productivity goes a notch higher, because employees are able to benefit from colleagues' knowledge and expertise to find out the best way to get things done. They'll also feel more appreciated in a business where their ideas are listened to.
5. Increased business efficiency.

How Juritool™ helps you do this;

Unlike other similar case management tools that require huge efforts for organization, Case DNA™ enables you to automatically extract information, collect legal facts, visualize how they refer to your case, suggest similar cases, create a Mind map of your case and generate reports.

You will be able to search the Juritool™ database which covers all US Supreme Court, Circuit Courts and Federal Districts case law. But that’s not all: you can also search through thousands of legal websites, legal news, your uploaded documents, your e-mails, Dropbox©, Google Drive©, Microsoft OneDrive©, Evernote© files. All in one place.

You search it, we find it and make you understand: Juritool™ assigns legal categories and creates summaries of the documents you retrieve.

Visualization creates new information. Juritool provides you with legal analytics tools producing visual maps of the content and enhancing your understanding of the case. With the Opinion Centrality tool, you will be able to see how your case to precedence at a glance. You can identify the landmark case law and the opinions connected to it.

With the Risk Analysis tool, you will be able to analyze the outcome of similar cases and predict your chance of winning, losing or reaching a settlement.

Why the need of categorizing documents

Filing is an office system that has been widely used. Accessing files and finding documents on short notice is important to a lawyer and establishing a reliable filing system is crucial. Although there are countless number of filing systems already in place, having to pick one is of the utmost importance.

Legal Categories

Here are some of the filing system used in most law firms:

1. The numbered or alphabetized system.
2. Separation of administrative and litigation files.
3. Color-coding folders and/or tabs for litigation files (e.g. green for pleadings, red for discovery, plain manila for correspondence).
4. Having a system for file storage, tracking, and destruction in accordance with applicable rules.

There are few things quite as needless as having a law office scrambling around for half a day looking for a particular piece of missing correspondence or pleading prior to a deadline. The efficient law office will have an established, well-defined, and logical filing system that can be understood with minimal effort by any new hire.

This is the bottom approach of lawyering because the law firm learns from the past and the Juritool™ structures automatically processes static archives into structured knowledge, it further requires no energy from lawyers since organization is done automatically.